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Published on 15th October 2015

Health Campaigns at Sea Mar CHC to increase HEDIS measurements

I launched a Health Campaigns Initiative to streamline health promotion messages across Sea Mar's communication outlets in order to make sure that effective approaches are used to promote Sea Mar services.

Used HEDIS measures as a guideline to improve access and utilization.

This initiative followed a health communications curation model and three-step approach—collect–craft–connect—identifies and brings our audience to targeted, relevant and engaging content that has the potential to affect people's knowledge of health issues, and capacity to make healthy changes.

April Child Wellness and Immunization Toolkit

Worked on creating, PSA’s, short radio novelas, messages that are friendly to hear and identified staff, doctors and specialists from Sea Mar that could record some of them. I scripted the PSA's and coordinated production. 

Child Milestones PSA

Immunizations PSA

El Rey 1360AM  launched in May 2016 “La Hora de Salud” from M-F 9:00-10:00am based on our need to do health promotion.